This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to permanently unlock the SIM network of your Realme Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 smartphone in 1 click. The process is simple and easy to follow and does not require any technical knowledge.

One of the limitations of the Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 is that it is locked to a specific network carrier. This means that you can only use a SIM card from that carrier in the phone. If you want to use a SIM card from a different carrier, you will need to unlock the phone's SIM network.

If you’ve been looking for a 100 100% Tested Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 Network Unlock File without a password , you’ve come to the right spot. Here’s a way to download all the necessary tools to install the stock firmware. For instance, all the information, such as Flash Tool, USB driver, and Flashing Guide, are clearly described. Ensure that you understand the entire process before installing Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830. Read the following paragraphs to get more information.


This Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 stock Firmware File will help you to resolve every problem with your software on your Android device. This Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 Network Unlock File Official Flash Firmware File runs on the chipset with an Android operating system interface. It required stock ROM when you needed to complete any of the following software-related tasks.

Network locks, restrict the use of your phone in the region where you purchased it. This can be a nuisance if you bought your phone from a different country and want to use it elsewhere. The Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 Network Unlock file will help you overcome this issue.

If you're a proud owner of a Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 but are struggling with a network/SIM lock, this article will be your guiding light. We will walk you through the process of using the Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 network unlock file to remove this lock and fix the pesky 172-digit lock code issue. This Unlock file is compatible with the Unlock Tool, and our guide will help you use it efficiently.

Download the Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 Network Unlock Bypass file from this page. We have an Network Unlock bypass file of the Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 smartphone. The Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 Network Unlock bypass file has been thoroughly examined. We first use the SIM Unlock file. If we see a Google Account or SIM Unlock lock removed, we upload the file to the site. Below are all the details of the SIM Unlock file

File Name:


Realme C53 RMX3760 Sim Network Unlock File




Realme C51 RMX3830 Sim Network Unlock File




Flash Tool: Unlock Tool


Usb Driver: Download


How to Flash PAC flash file:

Step 1: Download And Extract The Stock Som On Your Computer.

Step 2: Download & Install Spreadtrum USB Driver On Your Laptop/Computer. If  Spreadtrum Driver Is Already Installed On Your Computer Then Avoid This Step

Step 3: Download & Extract Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool On Your Computer.

Step 4: Now, Open UpgradeDownload.Exe File

Step 5: Once Spreadtrum UpgradeTool Is Opened , Connect Your Android Smartphone To The Computer (Make Sure That Your Device Is Switch Off)

Step 6: When Your Smartphone Is Connected Successfully To The Computer, Click On The Button And Add The .Pac File (Stock Rom Which Shown As .Pac)

Step 7: Once You Have Successfully Added The Pac Flash File In Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool , Click On The Start Downloading Button To Begin The Flash Process

Step 8:  Once Flashing Process  Is Completed, You Will Be Able To See The Green Passed Note In Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool


  1. This blog delivers an exceptionally informative step-by-step guide on unlocking the SIM network of Realme C53/C51 RMX3760 & RMX3830 smartphones. The clear instructions and emphasis on simplicity make it an impressive resource for users seeking a hassle-free unlocking process. The inclusion of a 100% Tested Network Unlock File without a password adds credibility and convenience. Kudos to the author for providing a comprehensive solution and addressing potential software-related issues. A must-read for Realme C53/C51 users navigating the complexities of network unlocking.

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