Bypass FRP google account lock is a new security feature provided by Google with the release of latest Android and higher. It’s enabled automatically when a user adds a Gmail account on their devices for the very first time. Once FRP is activated then it prevents any user to use the device after the hard reset through recovery mode, So that’s why we always recommended you before performing a factory reset. first, disable the FRP google account lockprotection and then hard reset the device.


Open Alliance Shield On Galaxy Store

Open Galaxy Store

Open Google Quick Search

Open Setting

Open Screen Smart Lock

Open Samsung My File

Open Youtube

Open Chrome

Open Android Hidden Setting

Open *#0*#

Open Samsung Dialer Call

Open Google Maps

Open Google Assistant

Open Gmail

Open S9 Launcher

Open Smart Switch App

Open Alliance Shield

Open X-Shear App On Galaxy Store

Open Files Shortcut App On Galaxy Store

Open Ios Launcher On Galaxy Store

Open frp Package Disabler Pro

Open frp Home Launcher

Open frp Login Account

Open frp Samsung Secure Folder

Alliance_Shield.Apk || Backup Link

Notification_Bar.Apk || Backup Link

Package_Disabler_Pro.Apk || Backup Link

Package Disabler Pro.Xml

Android_5_GAM.Apk || Backup Link

Android_6_GAM.Apk || Backup Link

Android_8-9-10_GAM.Apk || Backup Link

Google_Setting.Apk || Backup Link

FRP_Bypass 1.0.Apk || Backup Link

Menu Button.App || Backup Link

QuickShortcutMaker.Apk || Backup Link

Apex_Launcher.Apk || Backup Link

Nova_Launcher.Apk || Backup Link

ES File Explorer.Apk || Backup Link

Phone_Clone.Apk || Backup Link

Smart_Switch_Mobile.apk || Backup Link

Google provides the new FRP Google Account Lock feature on every latest Android version. The summarization of factory reset protection is FRP google account lock and it basically protects Android users’ personal data and Privacy during thefts. The process of unlocking FRP security has different with every new Android version and phone. So, always remember the Gmail account information to avoid FRP protection lock.


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